NBN Underground Asset Location

TasUAL provides professional underground asset location services for NBN and electrical utilities. TasUAL use state of the art technology with an experienced team.

Our team employs advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic locating equipment to accurately identify the presence and depth of cables, pipes and other utility assets.

For NBN and electrical services, we can precisely locate and mark the underground infrastructure, this helps you reduce the risk of accidental damage during construction, maintenance and excavation work.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing TasUAL

  • Accuracy in locating your underground infrastructure.
  • Save time and money: Avoiding costly damage to the underground assets that cause delays to the project
  • Compliance assurance – TasUAL is certified to undertake these works and also certified by dial before you dig.
  • Prevent electrical outages
  • Safety to workers and the wider public

NBN Service Location

For NBN services accurate asset location is crucial to maintaining high-speed internet connectivity. Preventing damage to the NBN infrastructure during construction and maintenance is vital for ensuring uninterrupted service to households, businesses and wider community.

Don’t leave the location of

underground assets to chance.

Contact TasUAL for professional underground asset location services today. We are ready to discuss your needs and provide tailored solutions that ensures safety, compliance, and cost effectiveness. All our services use advanced technology to locate, map underground assets, ultimately, safeguarding critical infrastructure
 and ensuring regulatory compliance.