Tractor Cam 

Tractor Cam for precise underground asset detection

Welcome to TAS Underground Asset Locators (TasUAL), your trusted partner for accurate underground asset detection. Our advanced Tractor Cam technology is a game-changer when it comes to precisely locating critical underground utilities such as CCTV pipes, NBN and electrical lines, and sewage and stormwater systems.

Key benefits of tractor cam technology

Our Tractor Cam system offers several advantages that streamline the underground asset location process. Its high-resolution imaging capabilities enable the creation of detailed underground asset maps, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This not only saves time but also expedites project completion. Furthermore, Tractor Cam is cost-effective, reducing overall project expenses by minimising manual labour and errors. By providing precise mapping, it minimizes disruptions to surrounding areas, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Safety is paramount, and our technology prevents accidental damage to essential underground infrastructure during construction or excavation.

Why choose TasUAL for underground asset location

When you choose TasUAL, you opt for excellence in underground asset location. Our expert team is thoroughly trained to operate the Tractor Cam system with precision, delivering reliable results for every project. We're committed to ensuring both accuracy and client satisfaction. With TasUAL, you gain a partner dedicated to efficient, safe, and reliable underground asset detection.